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Monday, September 10, 2012

Tour de Fat!

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I'm so grateful to have a creative job and live in a creative town with creative friends... and days like Tour de Fat remind me of this! The parade (sponsored by New Belgium microbrewery) goes right by our house, and it's 20,000 people strong.  We ride in it every year and every year, I love it more!

The parade goes through Old Town for a mile or two.

It's full of merriment and music, and quite family-friendly.

Happy people abound.

We watched for a while with friends and then jumped in at the end.

Lil Dude in movie star mode... enough pictures, Daddy!

Beeker, hehehe... 

Gnome mob...

A wee bit sweaty under there, I'm guessing...

People hook up all kinds of zany things to their bikes... like couches...

Lil Dude greeting a fellow superhero...

A DJ pulled by bike...

There I am in the striped dress and green hair...

So fun to run into friends all along the way... here's awesome artist friend, Kirsten Savage (also raised in Maryland, thus the crab on her head.)

Hubby Ian attached a toilet seat to his bike and a lampshade to his head.

Thanks for swinging by!  (Maryland friends-- I'm getting excited about my school visits and Baltimore Book Festival panel coming up in a few weeks-- can't wait to see yall!)



  1. Tara-- maybe you and Andy can come ride in the parade next year and use our house as a base!