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Monday, April 10, 2017

Puerto Morelos, Mexico!

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Hello beautiful readers!

Hope you're enjoying springtime! I've got a few manuscripts in to my editor and agent, and am now waiting for revision notes and news... At this point, the only thing I have to share with you, writing-wise, is that my new book (involving chocolate-making and the rain forest and magical dreams and a treasure hunt) will be coming out in Fall, 2018 with Scholastic! Oh, and I redesigned my website (by myself... quite the challenge!)... here it is if you'd like to check it out.

I thought I'd share some photos of our fun family trip to Puerto Morelos, Mexico, back in February...

Here's where we stayed, at Rancho Sak-Ol, just a 15 min walk from downtown.

My Lil Dude (not so little anymore... he just turned 10!!!) loved the hammocks....

He wanted to bring his guitar, but we compromised on bringing my much-smaller uke instead...

The bed swung from the ceiling... this was relaxing for reading in bed, but for actually *sleeping*, it was a little weird... every time you shifted positions,the whole bed would swing. ;-)

Some cool snorkeling right off shore...


To get downtown, we walked down a road through a mangrove swamp, complete with crocodiles.

Puerto Morelos is nestled between the busy, super-touristy cities of Playa del Carmen and Cancun.  We just flew into the Cancun airport and took a half hour shuttle ride to this sweet little fishing town. There were more locals than tourists, which was nice... we liked hanging out in the mellow town square, where local kids came to play after school.

Nights were magical... we ate outdoors at the yummy restaurants downtown and watched street performers like this fire dancer.

Playground in the town square at night... my dude got to practice his Spanish...

 Lots of bougainvillea...

Very walkable...

Street art!

Our favorite cafe was El Nicho, right on the town square...


Some parts reminded me of Huajuapan, the town where I lived in Oaxaca... 

Another restaurant we loved-- DK's... This place was made from a shipping container (in this pic, it was closed, but when we went, the walls opened up and cafe tables were set up around it.) Tasty blowfish tacos!


We went to Xcaret for a couple days-- it's kind of an eco-theme park.... One of the coolest things about it were these underground rivers that flowed through caves... you could float along the crystal-clear water for about 45 minutes on each river. Enchanting!

There were jungle paths and animals to see along the way...

Swimming and snorkeling...

My dude loved this blowhole!

He and Ian had a blast on the ropes over the water in one of the little coves...

 Thanks for swinging by!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Meet Peachy and Winnie, Our Sweet Vintage Trailers!

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Peachy, our 1950s canned ham trailer

Hello dear ones,

So, now that I am officially a crazy trailer lady, I thought I'd introduce you to our latest one, and show you some pics from this year of our other one.

This is our beloved old one, Peachy, named after my beautiful great-grandmother. She's a sweet little ten foot long canned ham from the late 1950s. She lives happily in our driveway and gives us a creative space to play and work. I've written three books sitting at her table, and revised more while lounging on her bed. We take her to the mountains for weekend outings in the summers...




And this is our new one, Winnie, named after my loving grandmother. She's a charming 1969 Red Dale, about 14 feet long. During the warm months, she'll be living by a babbling brook among the aspens on our land in the mountains. We'll be visiting her as often as possible. :-)

Winnie, our 1969 Red Dale trailer 

We just got Winnie a few months ago, and I had fun doing some renovations-- mainly painting and ripping up the carpet to reveal gold-sparkled original linoleum. Ian kindly painted marigold yellow stripes on the sides. I love going to flea markets and thrift stores to find cool stuff for her. I've been doing some book revising and tea-drinking on the comfy sofa and hosting a few *tiny* dinner parties in her dining area. When the weather warms up and she's in the mountains, I plan to do some writing retreats with her. :-)


We have some cool decals with the trailers' names-- Peachy and Winnie-- but we're just waiting for the weather to warm up enough to stick them on. Stay tuned...

If you're curious to know how we found Winnie and Peachy, it was on Craig's List. Both were pretty incredible deals.... and Winnie's seller was located less than a mile from our house! If you're in the market for a vintage trailer, I'd recommend spending time researching them online and checking Craig's List regularly so that you get a good sense of how much different styles/ages of trailers in your area are going for. Then you'll be able to recognize a good deal and pounce on it. :-)

*Note that these images all came from my Instagram feed.... that's where I do my updates on life, creativity, trailers, travel, etc. You can follow me here.

Here's a link to all my vintage trailer posts. Just click on the link, and once you get to the page, keep scrolling down for older posts, and click on "older posts." Enjoy!

Thanks for coming by!


Monday, November 28, 2016


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Hello dear readers!
Hola queridos lectores!

Earlier this fall, my close friend Gloria Garcia Diaz and I celebrated the release of ESTRELLA EN EL BOSQUE-- the Spanish version of Star in the Forest, which Gloria translated! (See this older blog post for details about the book and our translation process.)

Hace unos meses, mi amiga cercana, Gloria García Díaz, y yo celebramos la publicación de ESTRELLA EN EL BOSQUE—la versión en español de Star in the Forest. (Puedes leer más sobre el libro y nuestro proceso de traducción aquí.)

Thank you to everyone who came out to party with us! 
Gracias a todos que vinieron a festijar con nosotras!

The party was at the awesome Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House here in Fort Collins.

La fiesta fue en el maravilloso Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House aquí en Fort Collins.

La fiesta fue un evento bilingüe—todo en español y inglés…  y muchos de nuestros invitados eran bilingües también. :-)

The party was bilingual-- everything in English and Spanish... and many of our guests were bilingual, too. :-)

Gloria read one of her favorite parts in Spanish...

Gloria leyó una de sus partes favoritas en español…

Y su sobrina adorable leyó su parte favorita en español…

And her sweet niece read her favorite part in Spanish...

Vladimir, mi querido amigo creativo y bilingüe (11 años de edad) cantó unas famosas canciones mexicanas… y todos nos quedamos muy impresionados! (También, Vlady is un escritor increible!)

My dear, creative, bilingual friend Vladimir (age 11) sang some classic Mexican songs.... and he took everyone's breath away! (Vlady is also an incredible writer!)

He puts so much feeling into his singing.... the audience was welled up with emotion!

Puso muchísima emoción en sus canciones, y en la audiencia, nos sentimos muy conmovidos.

Gloria hooked us up with a mega-rico tres leches cake made by local pastel-maker Albina. It was huge and layered with fresh peaches!

Gloria nos consiguió un delicioso pastel de tres leches hecho por una señora que se llama Albina. Fue enorme y contenía duraznos frescos!

Gloria organizó un divertido juego de lotería mexicana, usando mis libros como premios.

Gloria orchestrated a fun game of the Mexican loteria, with my books as prizes.

Everyone listening intently for Gloria's next loteria call...

Todos escuchaban bien durante el juego de la lotería...

Look at this little cutie!
Mira este chiquito!

Puedes comprar Estrella en el bosque en tu librería local (tal vez tendrías que hacer un orden especial con la librería, pero como es con Scholastic, debe ser fácil.) También, puedes encontrarlo online en Amazon. Y si tu escuela es parte del Scholastic Book Club, puedes ordenarlo por su sitio de internet en el catálogo de “Club Leo.”

You can get Estrella en el bosque from your local bookstore (might have to special order it, but it's with Scholastic, so it should be easy for them to order.) You can also find it online. And if your school is part of the Scholastic Book Club, you can order it through their website under the "Club Leo" catalog.

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Thank you so much for coming by!
Gracias por venir!

Abrazos and hugs,