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Monday, March 14, 2011

Queen Book Release Pics!

Best Blogger Tips
Thanks to everyone who came to my party at Old Firehouse Books on Saturday night (in body and spirit!)

So much fun to see old friends and meet new ones!

Apparently, I make lots of funny faces when I read... I'm not aware of this until I see photographic evidence...

Music and little kids are essential ingredients to any festive occasion...

So many great friends of all ages came out to celebrate... teachers, writers, readers, book clubbers, librarians, dancers, musicians, poets, computer programmers ;) ...

Old Firehouse Books is an amazing place... if you're in Ft Collins and you haven't been to this store yet, you should take an afternoon to wander the shelves, talk to the super-knowledgeable staff for book recommendations, and have tea at the Cambodian teahouse "Happy Lucky's" next door.

My NIA friend Bev won a signed book in a drawing... She had to answer a question about Queen to claim her prize.  Here it is:  What was the staple of Maria Virginia's diet for the first 7 years of her life?  She had this food for nearly every meal, every day, usually in the form of soup.  In early drafts of the book, there were so many scenes focused on this food that someone in my writers' group suggested the book be called Maria Virginia and the ________s" (fill in blank with the food in question.)  Can you guess?!  *See answer at end of post.*

Thanks for swinging by!

P.S. See below for answer to mystery question...

*POTATOES!*  (which are native to South America... she harvested and ate potatoes of all colors and sizes, and always wished for the BIGGEST potato in the soup.)