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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What else I've been up to...

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Hey everyone,

Since the past few posts have been rather school-visit-centered, I thought I'd tell you about other stuff going on in my life this spring...

Gardening and flower-gazing-- here's a cool columbine hybrid that formed spontaneously in our back yard.

Savoring the blooms of my brand new tulips, which I planted last fall.  I love tulips (you may have noticed I mentioned them in Star in the Forest). Last year I finally remembered to plant some bulbs... and voila, they emerged last month in all their glory!

I also planted some flowers in pots by my trailer (where I've been writing more of a rough draft of The Jade Notebook-- yes, I *am* doing my job here and there, too)...

Hiking in the mountains (this stream was bone-chillingly icy)...

Riding the trolley with Lil Dude on weekends-- it runs just a few blocks from our house. We take it to City Park,  where we then get on a kiddie train, play in the playground for a bit, have a picnic, then catch a trolley back home.  (My son is really, really into this trolley-- sometimes, out of the blue, he'll say with urgency, "Mommy,  Mommy, I love the trolley SO MUCH!")

You know, sometimes (like now) I wish I didn't have the policy of not posting pics of Lil Dude online, because man-oh-man, is he an adorable 3-year old!!!  Ah well, you'll just have to take my word for it... or come to one of my readings, because he might be with me.  He was at this one at the Ellicott City, Maryland Barnes and Noble), sitting in my lap as I signed books (he got ahold of a pen and was also signing... the table cloth... oops, sorry Barnes and Noble).

Here I am with my lovely Aunt Liz, who's always given me heaps of encouragement... when she first found out I was trying my hand at children's lit, she started giving me children's books for presents.

Miss Rumphius was one of my favorite books she gave me (speaking of flowers)...

I've also been reading outside lately, which feels delicious-- it's been a while since I've indulged in outside-reading.  This was the hilarious book I read over the weekend...
It touches on all things French, existential, and amorous... and it was edited by my very own editor at Delacorte, Stephanie Elliott. Even though the main character-- a major francophile-- never quite makes it to France (just Montreal), reading it did inspire me to bring Ian and Lil Dude to La Creperie down the street for croissants and crepes on Sunday morning.

Oh, and a nice morsel of news I've been meaning to share with you-- The Indigo Notebook won the Colorado Authors League Award for YA lit!  Here I am with my good friends Denise Vega (winner in the children's category) and Gary Raham (finalist in two categories).

Have a delicieux week!

gros bisous,